10 Reasons You Should Attend the 2016 PRCA State Conference

by Pam Powers-Smith, president of PRCA-East Alabama Chapter (host chapter for the state conference)


gamechanger FB

1.​ We FINALLY have our very own Krispy Kreme. That's right, people, we're getting the most delicious calories you can find, now closer to home​! What better way to start your mornings at the PRCA conference than with a freshly baked doughnut? Or you can go at midnight. We won't judge.​ (Oh, and if you're a believer in Dunkin' Donuts... don't worry. We have that too.)


Get in the GAME: Enter the Medallions Competition


by Penny Hatcher, 2016 Medallions Chair



You’ve done the hard part – the WORK! So why not get the recognition? Don’t let the fear of the competition hold you back. Seriously. Put your game face on. You’ve got this!



Want to Invigorate Your Work? Act Like a Hot Shot

by Lori Miller, PRCA State President


be the change - hot shot rule


If a hot shot took over your position today, what would he or she immediately point to and say "that's unacceptable?"

The hot shot rule is not my idea. I grabbed onto it in February and I've found it to be a powerful way to change perspective.


Four Questions to Get the Good Back When Life is Overwhelming

by Lori Miller, PRCA State President




Last week, a friend needed to talk. I stepped to the outside patio to take the call and, even though I couldn't see her, I felt an invisible weight sinking her shoulders and spirits.

She said she felt worn out. She thought maybe she was coming down with something. She'd been snapping at her coworkers. Possibly her husband. Okay, definitely her husband. She spun off into an rant for a few moments.

I could tell she was anxious in that vague, can't-put-your-finger-on-it sort of way that causes you to stare at your computer without reading anything. I've felt it as an unnatural tension that practically pulls me out of my chair with no idea where I'm headed or why because I need to move.

As she wound down, she confessed she just wasn't happy. Most telling, she was feeling resentful about all the things she had to do.


State of PRCA: Times They Are A-Changin'

by Lori Miller, PRCA State President

State of PRCA - blue


I had several people comment positively on how much they appreciated the State of PRCA speech at the April conference. Since not everyone had the opportunity to hear it, I recapped many of those points here to share how we're doing as an organization.

PRCA is 551 members strong – 166 of those are students.* We are growing as an organization with new members from many different industries, and that's great news.