Southern Public Relations Federation Recognition

    Each year, SPRF member organizations (ECPRO, PRAL, PRAM, and PRCA) are invited to nominate one outstanding public relations professional for the SPRF Professional Achievement Award. The following PRCA winners went forward to receive the highest award given by SPRF. 

    PRCA Recipients of the SPRF Professional Achievement Award

    2016 Kristina Hendrix, APR - North Alabama Chapter

    2011 Jennifer Jenkins, APR - Mobile Chapter

    2007 Denise D'Oliveira, APR - Mobile Chapter

    2006 Suzanne Fornaro, APR - Mobile Chapter

    2005 Michael Tullier, APR - East Alabama Chapter

    2004 Carol Mann, APR - Mobile Chapter

    1998 Bill Todd, APR - Birmingham Chapter

    1997 David C. Rickey, APR - Birmingham Chapter

    1996 Karla S. Conway, APR - Birmingham Chapter

    1995 Jamie Palmer, APR - West Alabama Chapter

    PRCA Recipients of the SPRF Practitioner of the Year Award 
    renamed in 1995 to the SPRF Professional Achievement Award

    1994 Rosemary Blackmon, APR - Montgomery Chapter

    1991 Peri Widener, APR - North Alabama Chapter