About Us


    The Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA) is the state's longest operating and largest group of public relations practitioners. The organization exists to further the professional and networking interests of today's public relations and communication professionals in private, public and nonprofit businesses and organizations.

    The Public Relations Council of Alabama was formed by a group of Birmingham PR practitioners who saw the need for regular networking with their peers. Though the date of the first meeting is uncertain, various accounts put it sometime between 1953 and 1956. Most do agree, however, that the early meetings were usually held in various drinking establishments.

    The group is more formally organized now, with approximately 700 members in six Alabama chapters - Birmingham, East Alabama (in Auburn), Mobile, Montgomery, North Alabama (in Huntsville), and West Alabama (in Tuscaloosa). Along with networking, PRCA offers career development opportunities, mentors college students and works to improve the professionalism of public relations practice through its accreditation program. PRCA is a part of the Southern Public Relations Federation (SPRF). SPRF is a network of public relations professionals from Alabama, North Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi who share a common interest in the public relations profession. Membership in the Federation is automatic for members of the Public Relations Council of Alabama (PRCA), the Emerald Coast Public Relations Organization (ECPRO), the Public Relations Association of Louisiana (PRAL), and the Public Relations Association of Mississippi (PRAM). 


    PRCA was incorporated Friday, December 29, 2000 (recorded at book 4915, page 0358, clerk pcrc 05, Probate Court of Mobile County, Alabama, Judge L. W. Noonan)

    PRCA was granted 501 (c) (6) non-profit tax exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service on December 11, 2001 under an accounting year ending December 31.

    PRCA was granted a change of fiscal year (from year ending Dec. 31 to year ending Sept. 30) in August 2003.